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People Caring for Aging Parents Pick Their 2008 Presidential Candidate

October 23, 2008, Naples, FL – surveyed caregivers – people who take care of their aging parents – and found that 50% of them say Barack Obama is the candidate who has caregivers' interests at heart. Another 31% picked John McCain, while 19% said they are undecided. To view the full results of the survey, click here.

Of course, caregiving is not the only issue at hand. Many others – such as the economy, the war, abortion, etc. – come into play during election time. Just because survey respondents think Obama will be better for caregivers, doesn't necessarily mean they will vote for him – or does it? asked participants: Which candidate are you going to vote for? The result: 48% say Obama will get their vote, 31.5% are voting for McCain, 18.5% are still undecided, and 2% say they won't vote.

But many survey respondents say neither candidate has adequately addressed caregivers' needs. The survey results show many caregivers are uncertain on where the candidates stand on issues that affect them. Here are the results when caregivers were asked "Which candidate has a more effective position on these issues?"

a. Health coverage for the uninsured

  • Obama 53.5%
  • McCain 30.0%
  • Undecided 17.0%

b. Medicare/Medicaid policies

  • Obama 48.7%
  • McCain 31.6%
  • Undecided 20.7%

c. Unfair treatment of caregivers at work

  • Obama 46.5%
  • McCain 22.2%
  • Undecided 33.8%

d. Pay/compensation for caregivers

  • Obama 43.1%
  • McCain 23.1%
  • Undecided 34.4%

Quotes from caregivers who took the survey:

"I believe that Obama is more in tune right now with the needs of the middle class and those of us who are struggling to get affordable, comprehensive health care that provides for the broad spectrum of diseases including things like the dementias and families who care for members with this disease."

"I like McCain's rebate idea better.... for those already getting Medicare the rebate would almost act like an HSA would for everybody else."

"Some sort of universal health care is going to be a "must" if we are to survive. This will have to include nursing home care. The Alzheimer's situation must be faced, not ignored, since it isn't going to go away."

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