Senior Patient Perspectives

Patient Perspectives

There Is No Pain with Dementia
Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are unlike any other conditions. Instead of blatant physical pain, the discomfort that patients experience is mental and emotional. It is important for caregivers to acknowledge this and provide them with comfort and reassurance.
Visual Changes in Dementia Patients
Alzheimer's and dementia affect more than just a person's memory. The brain also begins having trouble receiving and processing sensory information. Changes in vision and perception can be scary and disorienting for the patient and complicate caregiving.
Coming to Terms with Helplessness
The way we deal with difficulties and failures says a lot about how we live our lives. But when these things are caused by something out of our control, like dementia, should we just accept our limitations or fight them tooth and nail?

Dementia, Caregiving and Political Correctness
The use of politically correct, inclusive and unbiased language is a growing trend in America. But what happens when we try to apply these constructs to terminology addressing Alzheimer's, other dementias and family caregiving?

Why Not Try This?
Friends and family often try to help a loved one with dementia by suggesting new and alternative therapies they might benefit from. The majority of these may be dead ends, but the reaction that patients receive when they do not exhaust every possible option can be disconcerting. But is it truly worth using precious remaining time recreating experimental solutions and chasing down "cures?"

The Plain Truth About "Ending Alzheimer's"
Wearing purple, using hashtags and changing your profile picture on social media won't end Alz, but there are other significant ways that you can have a beneficial impact on patients and families who are dealing with dementia.

Dementia Progresses and Life Goes On
An initial diagnosis is devastating, but as the disease progresses and one's abilities fall by the wayside, the reality of one's situation becomes strikingly clear. Coping with these new limitations and holding onto hope is all we can do, and we must continue to do so.

My Final Decision on 5-HTP and BP Medication
It was a struggle with my doctors AND family, but I finally stopped taking 5-HTP and pills for hypertension. That journey was a long, strange trip.
My History with Blood Pressure Medications
Doctors told me for years that I needed blood pressure medication, but then I began to challenge their recommendations. What I decided to do might not be right for everyone, but it was right for me.

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