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Government and Non-Profit Organizations has a special no cost content sharing program in place for collaborating with government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our program provides free access to our award-winning content by elder care experts, and connects caregivers visiting your website to a highly interactive Question and Answer Forum specifically for caregivers.

Our platform reduces the burden on your staff and budget by providing a wealth of online resources at no cost.

Now, you can put the power of to work for your organization.

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Whether national, regional or local in scope, we lessen the workload on your staff and budget by providing a wealth of online resources at no cost.

  • Content
    Count on to fill your content needs. We've compiled some of our best articles and made it easy for you to share them with your audience. Simply copy and paste our articles into your newsletter or website, or print out for your events.
  • Answers
    Integrate our Q&A Platform into your website and empower your audience to find support and answers from our 6 million caregivers—without ever leaving your website. Questions and answers are posted on your site, as well as simultaneously in our Caregiver Forum. All online interaction is moderated by to ensure the integrity of the forum without burdening your staff.
  • Visibility
    Boost your organization's exposure to our national audience. When our visitors search for resources in your local area, they'll find your organization. You'll also gain national exposure when your staff answers questions through our Q&A platform.

Leverage the power of the community and our experts to increase awareness and enhance your ability to serve the needs of family caregivers.

“I appreciate your integrity in keeping a pure site for caregivers, and one that really helps us to connect with each other and offer mutual support during such difficult times.”