Medicare Open Enrollment Guide

This year’s Annual Medicare Enrollment Period runs from October 15 until
December 7.

For these seven weeks, Medicare beneficiaries can sign up for (or make changes to) Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) or Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage plans (Part D). Adding to the complexity of the process this year is the fact that Medicare’s enrollment period will overlap with the enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace that was created under the Affordable Care Act.

Cut through the confusion with this Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment. Learn how the Affordable Care Act implementation affects Medicare and discover how to optimize your benefits.

Understanding Medicare Open Enrollment

Time to Learn about Medicare Open Enrollment

Helping A Loved One Enroll in Medicare: Where to Start?
Medicare can be confusing, so make sure you're prepared for this year's Open Enrollment Period (October 15-December 7).

10 Things to Know About Medicare Open Enrollment
Medicare Open enrollment is the time to make sure the plan you have now will be the best plan in the year ahead.

The 4 Parts of Medicare
A breakdown of the different parts of Medicare – Part A, B, C and D – including what each part covers.

Challenges Medicare Beneficiaries and Caregivers Face Each Year
Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is the time of year when you can review your Medicare Advantage or Medicare prescription drug plan to make sure it’s still the best plan for you. And, if it’s not, it’s the time of year to make a change.

Who is Eligible for Medicare?
Are you trying to determine if your aging parent qualifies for Medicare or one of its many parts? This quick guide can help you.

Making Choices During Open Enrollment

Medicare Open Enrollment Choices

10 Tips for Buying Medicare Insurance
Don’t be taken advantage of -- be cautious and arm yourself with as much information as possible before buying.

Options for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
There are two ways to get Medicare prescription drug coverage. Which is right for you?

How to Find the Right Medicare Part D Plan
One of the more important decisions faced by seniors during Medicare Open Enrollment is whether or not to switch their Medicare Part D plan. There are resources that caregivers and seniors can use to help decide which plan best fits their needs.

Learn Medicare's Benefits and Gaps to Pick the Best Plan
Medicare has several parts to the program as well as different coverage options so make sure when enrolling to recognize what gaps in coverage you may have with your plan.

How Medicare Advantage Plans Work
When you join a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), you are still in Medicare, however the insurance company coordinates with Medicare for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan
Discover strategies for selecting the best Medicare Advantage plan for you during Medicare's Annual Election Period, which runs from October 15, 2015 until December 7, 2015.

Medicare: Are You Taking Advantage of All of Your Benefits?
Medicare has undergone critical changes in the past few months. New benefits have been added that recipients may not be aware of.

What You Can Do During Open Enrollment
The decisions and changes in Medicare plans you make during open enrollment will impact your healthcare coverage next year.

What Happens If You Miss Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Deadline?
What if you miss the deadline for Medicare Annual Enrollment? Does it mean you can't make any changes until next year?

Be Prepared Before You Call

Prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment 2014

Information to Gather Before You Call Medicare
Having this information ready before you call will save time, and ensure you get the coverage that meets your needs.

Calling Medicare on Your Parent’s Behalf
In order for a caregiver to contact Medicare on their loved one’s behalf, you’ll need this form.

Medicare Open Enrollment Can Save (or Cost) You Hundreds
Research by shows that a large majority of Medicare beneficiaries could have saved hundreds of dollars last year by reviewing just one element of their coverage: their prescription drug plan.

Fraud and Scams

Medicare Fraud and Scams

4 Scams to Look Out For During Medicare Open Enrollment
Know the scams, get the facts. Protect yourself from these common scams.

How to Protect Yourself from Medicare Scams
Protecting yourself or an aging loved one from Medicare fraud can be tricky. Learn how to spot a scammer in disguise.

5 Illegal Insurance Practices During Medicare Open Enrollment
Some salespeople use dishonest, misleading or illegal sales tactics. Here are some things insurance agents cannot do.

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