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Unexpected moments are common in caregiving, whether humorous, inspiring or embarrassing they happen to all caregivers. Caregiver Stories is a place to share your stories and read other caregivers’ stories.

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Aug 9, 2015

     Hi All to you wonderful carers out there! Just to let you know I was feeling do fed up! But today I feel a weight has been lifted! My mum is in a care home, she was leaving emotional messages on my landline so no 1. I've changed my number 2. I'm making ways to send money for her pocket money hopefully by standing order or transfer. 3. I'm visiting every 2 weeks instead of every week. Relief!


Jul 20, 2015

     Being a caregiver had lots of challenges & my life was placed on hold. We all know that caregiving isn't balanced when it comes to other family members helping. But after dad's death my family rallied around me to buy the family home at a price I could afford. There were some bumps in the road during Probate but I got the house. My fear of being without an home no longer exists.


Jul 20, 2015

     I want to Praise my Brother. He stepped up to be Caregiver when my Mom broke her hip. Mom wanted to stay at home instead of going to the Nursing Home. No help from the 4 other siblings except looking for left over money or house. I am out of state but give him support. We had to get Reverse Mortgage to help pay for the CT's coming in a few hrs. per day. He has given up 4 years of his career.


Jul 20, 2015

     I sold my almost paid for house to move closer to my newly widowed mom, 85. Husband has many health issues as well. I am sometimes torn between the two as to who needs my help more. Feeling depleted.


Jul 18, 2015

     opps...Did not realize that you run out of room here.....Anyway the sibling handed her a newspaper and had circled some ads of apts and homes for rent. In other words, thanks for doing what you did for Dad, now get out so we can sell the house. Wow, that one really hit me hard. I could not believe anyone could be so cold to a caregiver.


Jul 18, 2015

     My friend came by today to see my Partner for the last time. She told me when she cared for her father, she took a leave of absence from her job. That took 5 months of her caring for her dad. She did it all and by herself. No help from any of the siblings. If they did come by, they were going through her things and putting tags on what they wanted left for them. When he died, the one sibling


Jul 14, 2015

     My story begins on 5/6/2015 when I received a phone call that my mother's husband had passed away suddenly of a heart attack. My mom and I have had a lot of relationship issue throughout the years. My aunt called and said "this is your responsibility". I was shocked to say the least, but knew that I was the only one who would take care of my mom. And the story continues........


Jun 18, 2015

     Whenever I get discouraged, I realize I am a big part of the end of a life of a man who has lived through several Presidents, fought in WWII, was a prisoner of War, injured and came home to his wife and 4 children. He raised them and brought them to America. He had $500.00. Opened his own business. I am so fortunate to be living with History of a True Man.


Jun 5, 2015

     I had the privilege of helping my dad care for my mother who had Alzheimer's. She passed away peacefully at home on Feb. 28, 2015. It was a journey that I would do 100 times over. A learning experience with memories that will remain with me forever. Some are good, some not so good. But, I don't have to live with regret. I did what I could with pleasure in return for all she did for me. Miss her.


Jun 2, 2015

     Mom, who had word salad, was laughing and trying to tell me a story. She ended up laughing so hard that even speaking plain english I don't think we would have understood her. I was crying I was laughing so hard. My sister came in to see what was so funny. We were all in tears holding our sides from laughing so hard. We never did figure it out!

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