I am an 18-year-old with chronic depression, and I care for my Grandmother.

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I have been takeing care of my 81 year old grandma who fell and broke her leg. I cant do this.


I'm so sorry you've been put in this position. It's not fair. Please tell us more about your situation and where are your grandma's actual children. I"m 45 w/chronic depression and can't look after my parents so there's no reason you should. Please write more about your situation or how you feel. This is the best place and you'll get hugs and practical suggestions.
I'm sorry so much is falling on you, Fay. But I'm really glad you're reaching out to say help. I hope others in your family will step up. As the other commenter said, please let us hear from you. Many folks on here have really helpful wisdom, and we all can at least listen. Take care.
Some of us don't have family members to help. I also suffer from chronic depression, and am responsible for my elderly mother. My suggestions: talk to your doctor- if you are taking anti-depressants, you might need a change. Find the local social service department, call them and ask for advise. If you can't find the number, ask your doctor who can help you. Next, if you don't have a pet - get a stuffed animal so when you have a good cry, someone is with you.
I'm new to all of this so I'm sorry I don't have much advice. I think you have made a good first step by sharing. I think even without your depression this would be a difficult task. I hope things get better for you soon.
Yes send more info on your situation. I recently joined this wonderful group and I have received so much info on where to look for help. Also, to really know that there are SO many others going through this was comforting. You have to get help for your sake and your grandma's. I'm 52 and it's more than hard to do this. At 18 you must be a very special and responsible person. You said your grandma had a broken leg. Was she taking care of herself before this? The medical people who treated her should have given you help. Do they know that this has fallen on you to take care of her? Keep asking for help from everyone you can think of. Call the churches nearest you even if she wasn't a member. Some have groups of volunteers who will help out people in their area. Ask to speak directly to the minister/priest etc.. If they are good at their job, they will not turn anyone away, but will offer help. They have what they call "Outreach groups" and the members are very caring. Take care of yourself.
Fay - Is it possible to get help from other family members to help grandma get on her feet? If she's not making any progress at home then perhaps she should go to a nursing home or rehab center so they can help her through recovery. Call her Doctors office ASAP and tell them she needs more care than you can provide - see if they can help get her in to rehab. You can also call your local Area Agency on Aging and tell them of your situation and ask what's possible. They deal with this sort of thing all the time.
Good luck
Try calling your state's Department on Aging office, the Salvation Army, Archdiocese of your home town, or even Welfare Department. You can get help for her depending on her financial situation. If she is more or less destitute, there will be tons of help; however, it will all be on you. It might easy the stress that you have, it might simply change it, but at least you won't be alone with all the hardship. And keep posting - or as the AA groups say: keep coming back! We are here for you.

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