You know you are a caregiver if.....

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As a take off on Jeff Foxworthy's video let's see what we can come up with. It will also provide an opportunity to laugh at each other and ourselves.

You know your are a caregiver if.....


To start the ball rolling...

You always have urine specimen cups in your purse, to say nothing of the hat to collect it.
Funny! And serves security guards right if they insist on checking your bags…

Funny now but I didn't think so at the time: … if you're the one in your son's wedding photo in your natty little outfit - and the practical carry-all over one shoulder.

Nice thread, more please! x
You take better care of your loved one than you take care of yourself. (My mom eats better than I do). :)

You know your loved one's weight, INR number, medications and dosages.

You always have a transport chair in your trunk.
You carry vinyl gloves in your purse and in the car.
.. when you find yourself saying we and our when referring to the loved one and their things
If morning prep is calculated in hours rather than minutes.

If you can answer the same question asked 10 times in 10 different ways! (extra points for creativity!)
... if you talk to crazy people in a radical cult and they sound normal to you.
.... if you are in a public restroom and you can tell what meds the person next to you is on, by the smell...
Good ones!

if you pretend to be a little girl to relieve the sundowning.

tee hee
You are always exhausted, never caught up on house work, and hate at least 1 of your siblings.

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