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omg I LOST IT TODAY MOM IS really sick to where she is really declining when she tries all day to climb out of her bed she is bed ridden im always here alone and get so up set i could not stop yelling saying mean tings now 3 m and im rying thining what guilt gonna have if she passes whatis wrong with me I cannot do nothing but feel numb as if this is the starrting of really losing her and i was yelling at moment hatte myself


Oh Sandy dont beat yourself up. Call me!!!
Please call me....
Can you get hospice to come in? Talk to her doctor about having a hospice team to come in to evaluate her. They may be able to help tremendously in calming her and in giving you some time to get away. Please let us know how it is going with you. Sometimes it can be too much for one person. ((((sandy22))))
Hugs to you, Sandy. You are frightened. You don't think the world is fair! You are angry! Of course it isn't appropriate to take it out on you mother, but you are also human. Resolve to learn from today to make tomorrow better.

And do look in to hospice.

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