I feel terrible that I yelled at my parents today while trying to take them grocery shopping!

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As I was saying it was 45 min away form home and I noticed the car had no gas and we were not even close to a gas station. I live in FL the temp is 94 and the only thing I could imagine is running out of gas and my parents dehydrating while I tried to find help. I was driving thier car and they are usually faithful in letting me know when the car needs gas. I feel terrible that i didn't check gas before we left. I think out of frustration that I yelled at both of them. I feel as if I can't do it all. I can't make sure that they have every thing they need and make sure everything is taken care of. It seems like sometimes they just expect me to fix everything and to think of everything. My father is blind and my mom has limited mobility. So it is very hard to to take them places by myself. I pride my self on being in control of situations, but this one got away from me. Just feel so drained and guilty. Anyways, just wanted to give a shout out to all who is on this site. SD
It's the nature of the beast. Being a caregiver gets the best of all of us at one point or another. I find myself yelling at Mom more and more. I just can't stop myself. Too much stress, too tired, and no time away. Try not to feel too guilty. I'm sure your parents realize the pressure you are under. Take care!
Thanks deefer12, u made me feel suuumch better. I think I have to realize this may happen more often the older my parents become. I am gonna to try to work on having more patiens with them. It's difficult because usally my parents are spot on and today I saw limitations and think I must deal with them. Once again, thank u! SD

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