I wrote my book in hopes of making a difference for C/G and families.

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I have been there - and I made it. I am a survivor...I made many errors but also learned through the process of being a caregiver...what I "SHOULD" have done - what I "COULD" have done....I note my inadequacies in my writing. I should have gotten Mom OFF THE ROAD much sooner than I did. I should NOT have taken her rants personally. I was so incredibly stressed and frustrated I had nothing left most days. CAN I answer her PHONE call one more time? OMG she is driving me crazy. How MANY phone calls tonight? I slammed the receiver into the wall - I just couldn't talk to her any more. MOM don't scream at me, or I'm hanging up the phone.

What happened to my sweet mother? She can't remember that she has already called me 12 times tonight....OMG. I still had to work full time and take care of my own family. The banks are calling me they are concerned. The doctor's office is calling me they are concerned. Mom's friends, many think she is "fine"....

I hope it helps, I have been there.


I got it, and I read it and it is a very good documentary book.
what is it called and where do I get it? :)
I found it on amazon, a kindle book. look up "suzette brown"
Thank you ladies.....please leave a review on Amazon - for other caregivers.

I hope it helps with guidance suggestion and advice.

Appreciate the kind words....SUZ
Thinking about the evening of the caregivers - hope it went well, and you get a good nights sleep....tomorrow will be a great day !

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