My wife is in her 3rd year of Alzheimer. Her worst symptom is extreme anxiety, wants to go out, then in, then out, never happy where is.

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She is on no medication other than Lorazapam for anxiety, 3 mg a day. What medication can we add to relieve her anxious life. She recently is struggling with walking and incontenence but the anxiety is the worst symptom for us all to manage. We cant go eat out or go to a movie because of her insistent anxiety. What do we do now.


Hi. My mom has these same symptoms. We have an appt w/ the neurologist to see if she will try her on a med for this. I dont like to see her drugged, but at times, especially at night, when she needs to mellow out. She also has depression at times as well as anxiety. tonio999
I hope that your wife is seeing a specialist, either in dementia, or in geriatric medicine. You should discuss her symptoms with her doctor. As you know, there is no cure for Alzheimer's but there are treatments that can lessen the symptoms and improve quality of life.

Many family doctors, GPs, internists, etc. are just not in tune with improving quality of life for dementia patients. Geriatricians, or a geriatric psychiatrist, or a behavioral neurologist, tend to be more pro-active in treating symptoms. Would it be appropriate to change doctors or add a specialist at this point?

Good luck to you both!
Be careful.. as a nurse, I can say Drs don't always have your loved ones best interests at heart. :( Do your homework before starting any new meds. My moms Dr almost killed her with meds that are advertised as NOT for elderly or dementia patients??

I do understand the feeling though. My mom is very difficult. "I want to go home!" (At home already.) Up and down, getting into everything, incontinent, belligerent, LIES, accuses people of horrible things...Thinks there are "Stacks of dead human bodies in the guest bedroom. Can't watch TV without thinking it is about her, all the actors are people she knows or the "bad" guys are out to get her.

Get help. Don't try to do it alone. Do you have kids?
Please see a specialist who deals in Alzheimer. Though they can't cure, they can help with her quality of life. I only wish I could have talked my dad into a geriatric doctor for my mom in the beginning. He had trouble accepting that she needed more than her GP was providing. They all deserve a chance. .
i am quite surrised that 3 mg of the anti anxiety meds arent help...maybe she needs it spread out throughout the day?
We used low doses of Valium. In fact, after a serious injury where I was dealing with a lot of pain, I was given Valium and also before a surgery where I was very nervous. Ask for a very very low dose..
i use ativan; when chewed, it is a very small tabliet; i get instant almost action.. 1mg
jbecker, i went through this with my mother for a year. She even tried to jump out a window as I had all doors chained high on top. She would get mad and unreasonable, its like a "spell"that comes over them. I took her to a neurologist and he gave her anti-seizure medication called depakote sprinkles. My mom never had a seizure, its just the safest medication to calm the brain. I even had students on it in my class when I worked. Let me tell you, I wish I didn't suffer year, and wish my mom didnt suffer a year before I found this medicine. at first they sleep a lot, then they are fine, its a life saver so I hope you can get to the doctors , or call them soon. "home" is comfort, they say it no matter where they are and it usually happens afternoon (sundowners). Good Luck to You, be careful, she will walk right out your door and she can get very aggressive, but she doesn't mean it.
My dad is also a up down into everything worse than any 2 yr old and thank
GOD for his dr...... we tried him on different meds for about a yr to find the right combo and dose... he is now on Seroquel (Quetiapine) and Haloperidol (Brand name: Haldol) the haloperidol 0.5mg he take 3 times a day and Seroquel he takes with diner this gives him some good sleep to where he isn't as bad with all of the anxiety and seeing all different things that are not there....
Just be careful with the haldol.... that is a rough med. It was very controversial when I was nursing.... it was only given in the absolute worst cases where there was absolutely no other alternative. it generally was considered a bad drug. if it IS the only thing that helps... then I guess you don't have an alternative, but make informed decisions.

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