I'm worn out today.

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Just wanted to express how tired I am to a group where I know I am not alone. So tired of lack of sleep, aches in my body, all the medicine to manage all day, and just to do it again tomorrow. And, truthfully, I am jealous of all the plans my siblings have for this weekend - it sounds so fun. tomorrow will be better.


I hear you. I hate to point it out, but we all get to lose an hour of sleep when we change the clocks tonight..... extra early to bed? lol
I will think of you listening to the dinner plans, the movie plans, the party invitations and the weekends away - "that sounds WONderful! Have a great time now! :D" - with the phone tucked under your ear on your shoulder while you count out the tablets.

I wasn't at all pissed off when my POA sister handed me a small extra cheque for "contingencies" (whatever they are) because she was going to be away in the Far East for six weeks' vacation. I think my pissed-off fuse must have blown long before that.
I remember that feeling well. It's a tired like no other tired you've ever known. A deep, down weary in your heart, mind, body and soul tired.

Please take care of yourself the best you're able!
Rainmom, that was a kind hearted response. Just what I needed. thanks.
Dear findthehumor,

I'm so sorry to hear how you feel. It know its tough. You have my sympathy and empathy. You are an amazing daughter for your willingness to take care of them. I know its a thankless job sometimes. I hope you can get some respite care. And as Rainmom says also try to take care of yourself the best you can. I know its not easy.

Before my dad passed, I had the same feeling, tomorrow will be more of the same. My siblings were making plans and living their own lives and having fun, but I was stuck. Stuck being the good daughter. The dutiful one. I was not a perfect caregiver. I had terrible anger and resentment and only wished I had found a better balance. I hope you will.

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