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Our supervisor is demanding we get up the residents at 5am and if we don't we will get called into the office and be written up. I think they have the right to stay in bed. Not forced to get up.

My residents have the right to stay in bed correct. And I as a caregiver should not be written up


I'm sorry to read from your profile that your wife has alzheimer's / dementia. It is a terrible disease. My aunt died from it and my dad has it. What level of care has her doctor said she needs now?

Rick, it's admirable that you want to care for your wife at home. But one person cannot care for a dememtia patient alone. Simply not possible.

How much help do you have coming in, or do you need help to get help?
Rick, caring for a spouse with dementia is heart-breaking. I did it for ten years. You do get worn out.

What kind of help are you getting? What are her symptoms right now? Talk to us about her.
rick1283, I cannot imagine what you are going through. My boss' wife had Alzheimer's for 15 years so I did get to learn about the last couple of years and everything he went through.... I was his sounding board.

Tell us what is going on. What do you mean "you got her back", was she living elsewhere getting care? Does she know who you are? My boss' wife knew who he was but didn't realize her own children or grandchildren. Is anyone coming in to help you?

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