I have been wondering for months if my DH knew he had dementia for sure.

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We never talked about it. I would just say "with your memory problem"....etc. Last night we were watching TV and a commercial came on about Namenda and out of the blue he looked me straight in the eyes and said "Is my Alz. getting worse?" I almost fell off the couch I was so shocked but didn't let him know I was shocked and said, No, the meds you are on are really helping you and you seem like you feel really good. That's it, end of conversation. How strange, you never know sometimes what they know until they are ready to tell you.


Yes, he knew. Wonder if he thought about it when he was going through his tirades. Great that he is feeling better and you safer. Seroquel does amazing things for many!
I'm so glad he said that. Now I don't have to skirt around the issue so delicately. Thank you.

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