Wonderful evening with mother.

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My mother and I had a wonderful evening tonight, sitting and chatting and watching TV together. I don't know if all the stars were lined up right, but it was great. Her mind was clear and she was feeling good. I wish every night could be like tonight. Maybe they can be. (Cross fingers)


cherish the day jesse . my aunt is losing mobility daily and is suffering paranoia and agitation . visiting with her seems less and less fruitful but she still feels safe and calms down when im there . not even much conversation anymore but i know she needs me on this scary date with death that she has going on .. i WILL be there regardless of the quality of the visit ..
The promise of an occasional night like tonight is how we get though most days. I'm very happy for you. Mom and I had a good night too.
awh Jessie, I love to read the awesome news....I guess in the big picture, our days are not so bad? Eh...enjoy the happy times!
Another thread in the group made me think of how I only write when things are bad. I thought I should write one about when they are good. And don't worry -- I won't write one each time things are good. I know that would get monotonous.
It's nice to read about the good times. And I don't think that would get monotonous at all! This morning Mom & I are sitting reading the paper together, talking about the articles (wondering why in the world a local town would be building 2 more hotels, houses & resorts when we don't have enough water here in the desert as it is), drinking coffee and getting ready to eat breakfast. She'll probably have oatmeal, and I think I'll have peaches n' cream, since my husband brought fresh peaches back from our favorite orchard in the northwest on his most recent trip. Yesterday we made fresh peach cobbler, although we did briefly argue about how thick to slice the peaches. Little things. Enjoy these moments.

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