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Mom cries SO much, and especially when she finds out (ALWAYS asks me) if I'm staying the night. I stay three, and other ladies stay the remainder of the week. Mom says she's "scared to death, and can't stand it anymore" all the time. Sometimes it just drives me nuts, and I find myself so peeved with her, all tho' I "know" it's not her fault, but the rotten AD. Help!


I found with my MIL and mother that dementia tended to make them insecure. If she is scared to death and can't stand it anymore; it sounds like she must be experiencing a lot of anxiety. Don't know if your Mom is on any anti-anxiety medications. If not, it might help her and calm her nerves. Her doctor should be able to prescribe something suitable for her. My mother and MIL both were taking anti-anxiety meds and it helped tremendously.

Feel badly for your Mom and for you. It is so sad when they become scared due to the dementia. Take care.
That is heartbreaking, for both of you.

Is the doctor who is treating her AD aware of this behavior? Has anything been tried to help her feel more calm and less afraid? Is her doctor a specailist in AD?
Thank you, ladies, for your compassion and comments. She's seeing a gerontologist that specializes in AD/dementia. He cut back & cut out several meds that had her really racing. He's still tweaking her thyroid med, maybe it's finally evening out her moods. He tried anti-anxiety/anti-depress meds, but not long, as they backfired! Now, last night & today, so far, she's been way more normal. She was talking, pretty coherently, about wanting to move to an apt. I've felt the need to have a Plan B (nursing home), at least get her on a waiting list. It sure means a huge upheaval for her, and us, but maybe she'll be a LOT less lonely. Keeping her at home is cheaper, but she's so isolated from people her age. Ugh, decisions, decisions! ♥
I am so glad to hear that there is improvement. Thank you for letting us know. Don't get discouraged by the need to go through some trial-and-error on the medications. It sounds like the doctor knows what he is doing. It can be a slow process, because often it involves more than one drug, and each human brain is unique. Hang in there!

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