A friend from the caregiver support group I attend told me about this web site and this is great!!

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I wish I found this web site sooner. Just knowing there are other people out there that have new ideas to help me and understand how to help my mother with Alzheimers and handle family matters i.e. siblings that do not want to help and money situations.


I, too, wished I would have found this website sooner... I would have done so many things differently dealing with my aging parents who still live home alone at their own choice. I wouldn't have spoiled them the first year they had stopped driving. Then maybe they would have made some changes in their own life, live moving into a really nice retirement village that offers free transportation :)
this site keeps things in perspective . elder care is excruciating but many here have it much worse than others . id also suggest that you read all you can about end of life matters also . things are going to continually change and seldom for the better . youll be much more calm near the end of your mothers life if you have an idea what to expect . she'll get better care too ..
i feel your pain freq . im a homebody . people who run the roads to entertain themselves drive me nuts .
I was googling everything that seemed relevant in a desperate search for answers back when my mom's health changed suddenly. Answers from this site kept popping up, and before too long I had it bookmarked in my browser. I lurked here for over a year before finally posting. As captain says, as well as finding answers for your own problems reading about others experiences is very enlightening and helps put things in perspective.
I belong to this site and the official ALZ site.. this is WAY better in my opinion! Plus it's easier to use! My folks moved in very quickly almost 2 years ago.. this place saved my sanity..
i read nearly every AC article ever written before becoming involved in the chat group . one subject has links to others and a lot can be learned . a lot NEEDS to be learned . elder care is not a little walk in the park . it gets complicated .

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