Wind chill advisory due to SEVERE COLD temperatures.

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Most of my state is under a Wind chill advisory for very cold temperatures. Below zero for tonight. We just are not used to that in the south. (NC)

I went out today and OMG. It's just ridiculously cold. Maybe, I'm a wimp, but, with the wind chill, it's just beyond breathtaking. I told my parents that they do not need to go out. It's just too brutal. I hope none of you have to go out or take out your senior Loved Ones. Please take precautions, if you do.

If you have seniors who are using questionable heating, I'd try to get them somewhere safe. I realize that the windchill doesn't effect pipes, but, it's still pretty cold, without it.

Not sure who has to go out until this breaks, but, be aware. I realize that some of you are pretty rugged and used to subfreezing temps, but, not me. I'm not sure how you do it.


Windchill CAN cause plumbing to freeze on the exposed side of the house, especially in places with less insulation. You all should keep your kitchen cupboards and vanity doors below the sinks open to allow the heat from the room to reach the pipes, you might also want to leave the taps running a little overnight.
Ok. Thanks for that tip. I was repeating what the meteorologist said.

I have all the cabinet doors open in the bathrooms and kitchen. It's just so brutally cold and has been for days now. Snow yesterday. It's the oddest thing for around here.
Yup--my hubby is stuck back east--no planes flying out of the airport he's in. Has to stay another day.

Here in Utah, zero degrees is a good ski day!! :) Sorry, we are just tough and used to snow, ice and below freezing temps. I don't even war a coat until it hit about 20 degrees, and I sweat while taking my daily walk.

Not calling y'all wimps, b/c I cannot tolerate the heat and humidity. Daughter lived in Houston for 3 years and I hated every second I was there. Walk outdoors and feel like you're swathed in a wet/hot Turkish towel.

But, be careful!! If you are used to black ice, snow, etc., don't go out!! Here we have the capability to keep the roads dry and safe--you guys don't!
The snow never bothered me, but as I age I am now scared silly of icy sidewalks and parking lots. I didn't go into work yesterday, texted my boss saying it was "hip breaking weather", so he kept the office closed.

The wind chill is getting worse. Oh I hope my thermos still fit me, bet they don't :P
As another southerner who will get zero sympathy here from my northerner fellow post members, .. this weather is brutal.

I know, no pity .. we are here in the 20's .. at night .. very very uncommon for here. And days that are staying in the 30's and low 40's.

This is not typical for weather here. Our heaters struggle to heat our homes .. nobody wants to go out.

My hat is off to those of you who are in teens and lower and wind chills below zero. How do you guys even function? I can't even imagine living in all that. Serious kudos to you guys.
For starts, be genetically unable to really feel "cold" I'm 50% Norwegian and the other 50% is Irish, German, and Swiss. I only wear an actual coat when the temps are in the 20's. Mostly just a thin down vest. I keep my house set at 65 year round....on the other hand, I wonder how people in hot humid climates survive--my daughter lived in Houston for 3 years and she never stopped sweating. I HATED to visit her there--seriously nice people and seriously horrid weather.

What is it some comedian used to say? Everyone complains about the weather and nobody DOES anything about it! :)
It’s tough up her in northern Mi right now. Been raking snow off the roof for the last few days. About 70 inches this year and maybe a base of 25 on the ground right now.

It’s tough but I’ll take it over storm surge, forest fire evacuation, earthquakes, hurricanes, and the horrible muggy/buggy WV summers I grew up with.

Just sayin............
We lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, for three winters when H was stationed there. This current cold (at least where I am) is nothing compared to that. We are currently in the East Coast freeze. Yesterday I took a long, lovely walk. I have still have my parka from my Alaskan days, and double-gloved my hands, wrapped a scarf around my face, had a felt lined hat plus the parka's hood, double socked my feet in my boots, etc.

But all of that is quite a novelty now. It would certainly wear me down, day after day, year after year! Those three years in Alaska were decades ago now!
CTTN, I was wishing for a lovely Inuit parka just the other day, not that I've ever had one but I'm sure they must be warm! Having appropriate clothing makes a big difference and I'm thankful for my warm Sorel boots and winter jogging pants, but all the extra layers I need when I walk over to visit mom become a problem when I enter the nursing home - how many layers can I remove and still be decent?
cwillie, the parka was actually bought before I went to Alaska. It's from Woorich, and has "prime northern goose down." It was rated to 40 degrees below zero, I believe. It's bulky, but oh so warm! I only break it out when it gets down the teens here.  

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