Will you Marry me? WHAT?

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During the visit from Hospice yesterday, my partner said...I think I should marry her (me). I could not believe what I was hearing. We have been together now 7 years and have been very happy. It was hard adjusting in the beginning, but we both were very happy not marrying.

Then last night as he is about to fall off to sleep, he said...Do you want to marry me? Oh let's see! I thought to myself, Do I want to marry the man I have been caring for and helping walk to the toilet, clean him up after a mess, run not walk 24/7 and hope that today I wake up not tired? Do I want to marry you? Of course I do. The Hospice Chaplain is a dear friend of mine. The Social Worker goes to the same church I do. Its a SET UP. So wedding bells are ringing in our bedroom. Opps that does not sound nice does it? And, it is not a set up. He loves me and wants to die knowing I am his WIFE. How sweet does it get?


OMG!! What a great story! A toast to the bride and groom!
Best wishes for you! This will be a very special occasion for both of you and many tears will be shed. Be sure to take time to savor the day and rest in the knowledge of how deep and true your partner's love for you is. All the best!
Best wishes and congratulations. You deserve every bit of happiness you can get at this point, both of you.
Happy happy story. I am smiling a huge smile for the two of you.
Wow! God bless you both.
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both, Oregongirl.
So happy for you (((((hugs))))
Lovely!!! Congratulations to you both!!!
Thank you guys....I really appreciate all the happiness we can get. We have one problem, but I am sure between the social worker and the Chaplin, they will figure it out. We cannot go to the County to fill out the paperwork for the license. I will let you all know when I become a MRS.

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