I went to our town's Alz and dementia support group this week, and will not go back.

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A man there who is the caregiver for his wife who has Ad was there. He spoke of his trial of being a stalker and he showed us his gun in a holster. I promptly left the room. I need to feel safe when I go to the support group. Just wanted to share this. I guess it takes all kinds. I don't know how to contact the person in charge about his gun. So I will not be back.


Brandy, I would be out of that room in a flash, too. That was suppose to be a support group, not show and tell.
1. Are you living in an "open carry state"?

2 Did he say that he's been tried as a stalker? I wasn't sure what you meant.

If you're not in an "open carry" state, you would contact both the police as well as the organization that sponsored the meeting.
I live in an Open Carry State. He said he had to go to court to be tried as a stalker. Gave me the creeps. The people sponsoring the group is the AD and Dementia national association.
You were right to leave.

Oh well, 'open carry' doesn't mean carry an open can of beer, does it! Just got it, my bad, just now, o no! I am getting bad off, used to be much more well-versed in life, in general, but now, ignorant and naive, here is all that is left of me. Sorry.

Brandy, start your own support group on here, or pick up a discussion, or start a new question for your caregiving friends. Sometimes I feel supported by going to a talk by an expert who covers a topic. There are others in the audience, and I most always talk to strangers. But I would NEVER talk to someone carrying an open can of beer, lol!
I don't blame you for leaving. That man needed a support group all right, but I think he was in the wrong place!

I hope you will report this to the national organization. He may not have been breaking any laws, but surely organizations are allowed to have their own rules.
Is this a group that is facilitated by a professional leader, like a social worker? I agree with Jeanne, contact the national organization. Be safe.
Yes, the group is fac by a professional leader. She was out sick that day. I don't know how to contact her. She didn't give us any contact info.

It's occurred to me that if the guy had been "to court to be tried as a stalker", there would be an adjudication, perhaps a conviction, perhaps probation, perhaps time served and perhaps he's on parole.

Look up your state's department of corrections, search for his name, if you know it. If he's on parole, you might be able to get the name and address of his local parole board. In Michigan, parole conditions are also listed online. Open carrying after a stalking conviction might be a parole violation.

If so, contact his parole officer as well as the local police.

He could be arrested for parole violation. And assuming he was stalking a particular person, his parole officer could notify that person to be on the lookout since he's offending and violating his parole.

Second: I don't recall w/o rereading the posts if you stated where the meeting was held. Someone had to make arrangements for the meeting, and that person would have contact information for the leader, even if he/she wasn't present at the meeting.

So call the facility and alert them. I doubt they would want someone who's "packing" to be present with a support group, and I don't see how they could not know who made the arrangements for the meeting.
He's an Azz. I'd put a case of prosecco that others in the group are upset as well. Other posters have given you great suggestions.

I'd like to add looking into where the meeting is held and what is within its distance for violation of state laws. Open carry has regulations as to distance from places where those underage could be present. Like schools, day care centers, libraries, churches, scout huts, etc. Federal & state buildings have criteria for open carry, like you can likely do it but must present current license & registration.

The whole open carry is kinda in a flux for requirements and wherever the meetings are held may not have a policy in force. But they need too as it will be a huge liability if & when something happens.
Oregon is an open carry state. A while back after a mass shooting and gun control laws were in the new, a group of protesters were walking around the most popular shopping districts on the weekends - totally strapped. I own guns and am all for the right to "bear arms" but that's just crazy. People who carry like that - and your guy - are just hoping for a confrontation, imo. Bringing a weapon at a support group meeting is a mass shooting waiting to happen. Good advice here but for sure I'd report this wacko to the police.

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