I want to know why we can't post pictures or download videos of this garbage.


Come on all fellow caregivers.

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Thanks ladies. I just wanted all here to actually see or hear what goes on with her daily.

We can't post pictures and videos because the company that owns this site does not provide that service. Presumably they have considered their revenue, what it would cost to expand the services, what it would take in extra staff to monitor the content, and whether it would be an added attraction or a distraction. Their decision, at least now, is not to allow graphic uploads.

If you think it would be a great addition, you may certainly contact the staff here and make your suggestion and argue for its adoption.

And, of course, you can also ask for your membership fee returned ... oh wait, this is a free site, isn't it? Hmmm

Are you talking about personal photos of caregiving issues? If yes, there could be privacy issues and HIPAA laws that would stop the website from allowing such photos/videos. Photos/videos also take up a huge amount of bandwidth, thus could slow down the website to a crawl.

Helpful videos would be nice if there was space, but there would be those who would post videos of a nursing home they dislike, family they dislike, ect., and I could see lawsuits over the horizon.