This Question Box I'm typing in right here and now... why such a small area to type in? I like to review my whole question before posting!

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Know what I mean? Even the Step 2 Box that opens up for more details is only some 7 or 8 lines long... am I the only one that cares? LOL....


I think question box 1 only allows so many character to keep the question focused.

Question box 2 is for extra helpful information related to box 1. However, it only allows for I think 5,000 characters which is longer that 7 or 8 lines long.

See the thread I began.

If you need to put even more information down, you can always respond to your own thread

Some people review their question and posts by writing them in MS Word first and then use cut and paste to transfer it.
Depending on what you are writing on (phone, pc, tablet etc) you might notice several small dots on the bottom right corner of the comments box. If you click on these you can drag the box into a larger size. (I think it was Freqflyer who first mentioned this!)
Yes.... cut and paste seems like a good idea... Thank you, cwillie for the additional info...
What then is your question?

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