I feel like a nurse and a lawyer. Why does getting old have to be so difficult?

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This has been a busy last couple of weeks. I thought I would have some respite time this month, but between the death of an aunt and my mother's basal cell carcinoma, it has been busier than normal. Plus there have been back-to-back medical and financial legalities to deal with. This week I discovered that my father had a small life insurance policy that no one knew about, and one of my mother's medications is not going to be covered by her insurance. Two more things to deal with -- sigh. It seems like there is at least one new thing a week to deal with that requires more of my time. And, of course, there are the taxes to be filed -- theirs and mine. Argh!!

No solution, I know. I just needed to vent. I'll just make an insurance claim if it's not too late, file for a medication exception, and try to get the taxes done, then wait for the next thing to happen. Why does getting old have to be so difficult? To make it more difficult, my mother's doctor has grown weary of her, so doesn't want to deal with anything anymore.


A little thought after I wrote this -- caregiving is very much like managing a business.

You are right...it's a business. Mainly because of the expense. Think of the costs of prescription drugs. Think of the monthly cost of a nursing home...my mother's is $14,000 a month!

That's why it is so difficult. I wish there was an easy answer but there is none. The key is for you to get plenty of respite care for yourself and take the time you need.
Amen to that. This is harder then any job I know of. No clock in or clock out. On call 24/7, situations without no warning,troubleshooting for simple situations,managing finances, appointments, and never a raise for our hard work. We do it All out of love,selfishness. That makes us All the Beautiful people that we are even if no one else sees it But... The Most Important One Does.............. God Bless Us All... JessieBelle You are never alone.........
I can't say what our reasons from doing it are. Sometimes the mail comes in and there are envelopes with things that have to be dealt with or filed away. My inner self tries to reject things, put them away and not deal with them. But I know I can't do that. Well, I could, but it would be a mess.
Sure wish we had an edit function here. I am a terrible proofreader. Should say "our reasons for doing it." My brain must be broke.
Why is it so hard to get old? And while we are at it, why do we need sleep? Huh? Whose bright idea was that? And menstruation! Don't get me started on the flaws of human design. :-) And if sugar is so bad for us, why does it taste so good? Some people refer to God as She ... and I say "I don't think so!"

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