Who would you like your robot to look like?

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This goes with the topic about robots doing care for the elderly,which by the way I think is great. Not a total replacement, the human touch will always be needed but as an aide to the caregiver who is doing everything by themselves, I mean put them to work, dust ,change the bed, timer for giving the meds, keep a camera on the loved one,help prevent fall, the list is endless of the help they could provide and the relief for overwhelmed caregives that have no family support. That being said, If you could have a robot that looked human like in the movies,we are years from this, but if you could who would you like them to look like? My pick would be Adrian Paul from Highlander,OMG! I could die a happy old lady for sure!


i told em what my g - d robot should look like -- the moderators axed me ..
Captain, just try to word it a little more politically correct LOL!
#0R ' s ..
Do I have to choose just one? Hmmm Adrian Paul is cute, but, I think...Mario Lopez from Xtra ( can I sneak in LL Cool J and Will Smith) .. I have a list here actually but Ill keep it at 3. ;)
If a robot can be made with a quick dry sense of British humor, make mine Hugh Grant :)
mine didnt even need a torso . i didnt think i was asking for that much ..
I would have it look like Nurse Ratched. Who would argue with her?
freqflyer- Hugh Grant, how did I forget about him!

captain- lol

JessieBelle- I had to look up to see who that was, her stare is something!
Even Patrick McMurphy couldn't get past Nurse Rached. She is probably the most hated woman ever in the movies.

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