Who wants to run away to a tropical island?

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... to all the burned out caregivers can we go on a cruise, run off to an island, let it all go....just for awhile to save our sanity? I know it's not possible but one day.....anyone else on board? Thank god for dreams...


Me, me!!!!! I'm in!! Just let me know! lol
It took me a year after my mother's death before I felt I had my life back. Now I feel like every day is a vacation mo matter where I am. Each day is a blessing, where I live for the moment.
I would have settled for a cold, dark winter day in Alaska. Just give me some alone quiet time. My caregiving days remaining now number FIVE. I am officially retiring after four years of 24/7 care to mom with Alzheimer's and her hubby, general age related decline. So, now my day is coming at me at the speed of light. And I hope to find work again in my field that will somehow start to make up years lost here.
Like most of you I would love a vacation ANYWHERE!! No phone or computer! I think if I went on one the first 3 days I would hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and SLEEP! lol
My wish for this summer is to just have time to use my pool, floating around and soak up some sunshine and listen to the birds sing. That is so relaxing to me but isnt is something I have had alot of time to do for the past 5 years.
My hubby is 8 1/2 yrs older than myself and we thought when he retired at 50 it would be a fun time in life and we would travel like we saw his parents enjoy, but so far we haven't had the chance to do any of that.

Congrats, I am happy for you and I hope you find the job you want and enjoy life again.

Pleasant, I would leave the phone, but do not know what I would do without my computer, it is a very cheap form of therapy for me, especially this site. And Candy Crush when I am stressed out!
Yes! I just want to run away.
im GOING to run away .quite soon my fla g kids will be in chicago and im out of here for bout a week .

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