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About a year ago, Mom went to Ann's Bra Shop to be fitted for bras. After about a month or two, she said they didn't fit right. Then she went back to Ann's with my sister and was fitted again. Months later, same complaint...they don't fit right. So, we decided to go to JC Penney's and try there. She tried on at least 30 bras (I'm NOT exaggerating)! Finally found one that fit and seemed happy with it. You guessed it, not long after, she told me that it didn't fit right. So, off to Kohl's we went. She tried on 32 bras (count em...32!). She finally found one that she liked...whew! Here we go again....the bra is irritating her skin. I can't find anything besides fabric in the spot that she's pointing to. I'm not seeing an irritation, what I am seeing is marks from her scratching, which magically seem to disappear after a little while. No seams on her bra in the spot she's pointing to...nothing that feels like it might be poking her. HELP! I just don't know what to do to make her happy and find a bra that she's happy with. Maybe she just needs something to gripe about and wants the attention. ANY suggestions that you can give me to make her happy are greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss of where to go and how to deal with this.


Maybe something as simple as changing the detergent and fabric softener she is using. I know for myself, I have to use the sensitive skin liquid detergent [white bottles], and the fragrant free softener sheets [white boxes]. And no bleach.

How about the tag on the bra?.... tags anywhere on clothing can makes one uncomfortable. And just one stray hair that has found its way into my clothing becomes annoying, some people can be very sensitive to things like that.

Good luck :)
No tags! She uses Woolite and no fabric softener. Good suggestion. Maybe it's time to try new detergent. I'll try anything at this point. Thanks for the suggestion!
Get her a camisole and forget the bra. No patients at my mother's NH wear bras.
Some of the problem is the new water-conserving washing machines. They neither clean nor rinse properly. So you run things through twice.
Does she really need to wear a bra at all?
Roxanne, you have my sympathy. I can't imagine sitting there while someone goes through that many changes of bras. You must have the patience of 20 people. :)
I had gone through this with my mother - every bra she tried on was never comfortable. She would complain about the discomfort and ended up not wearing a bra. So when I bought her tops; I found those that would be most flattering. I think a camisole as mentioned about might be a good idea. Hope you find something that works. Take care
She would not go without a bra, so unfortunately, that wouldn't work....gosh, how I wish she would. I asked her this morning to show me where it's rubbing, and she pointed to a spot on her back that is a good inch above her bra!

Thank you so much for all of your support (no pun intended!). I am beginning to think that this is more about wanting "new things", which her budget just doesn't allow.
Roxanne all youve done is made me feel guilty i just couldnt have that kinda patience yes ditch the bra and get her a camisole lifes too short!
Could it be her skin is dry, and the bras chafe. Maybe taking a vitamin E capsule would help. Also a non greasy lotion containing aloe and vitamin E worked for my Dad.

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