My first time here I have submitted 2 questions where do I find responses?

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I just want to be the best at what I do.


Responses appear in the same thread as the question. And you will probably get an email notification when there are responses.

Molliekate, it may help responders if you fill in your profile a little more. People can be more specific when they know a little about the background.
MK, I looked at your profile it does not show you asked any questions. Or do you have more than one identity? See the box on the right hand side with GET ANSWERS? Enter your question there.
Ah, you sneaky computer users : ) The mobile site doesn't have a profile, so you can't fill in or view. Users simply "sign up" or "log in." I will try to check out the site on a different device. For now, I'm not withholding info, I'm on mobile.

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