Where can I find affordable Independent Living in Louisville (Shalom Towers). My biggest concern is mobility and a community that has no stairs and bus service when needed.

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Have limited disability income and currently have Section 8 assistance; very independent; can care for self and home but have mobility issues. Thank you; email only please; will call when I receive more info. Most respectfully; Truly interested in layout of apartments; laundry facilities; in house grocery mentioned. Do you know square footage of apartments; currently have 2BR; are utilities furnished; do you have cable/internet accessibility??? Do you have a waiting list; cost of deposit; monthly rent. Have been disabled 10 yrs but most capable of independent living. Respectfully L. Newton-Myers

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We've a Senior Housing Directory which allows you to search for Independent Living communities in the Louisville, KY area. Here's the link to several communities.


Hope that helps!

The AgingCare Team

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