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im making 15 bean soup. my renter / neighbor visits all the food banks and then gives me all the stuff they dont like. keeps my food bill down cause im not a picky eater.
im baking cinnamon rolls again tonight. you can make these s**ts from scratch for about 10 cents a piece.
Bonichak. Great thread. I was thinking along the lines of the same thing but sharing recipes that we consider our favs :)
Emjo instead of adding the corn starch, if you squeeze the potato and onion mix after grating them both. Let the water stand for about 10 minutes and very carefully and slowly pour out the water. At the bottom you will find the starch from the potato (natures own binder). You'll find it better than the corn.

My favorite, and moms also is eggplant Parmesan. But not the typical restaurant style. They are stacked in slices and between each slice you put what you like, for example;
Slice of eggplant, slivers of garlic and sauce, then another slice of eggplant,pepperoni a d sauce, then spinach sauce another slice of eggplant then top off with sauce and parm.
Throw in the oven covered for 45 @ 350. Turn off oven uncover let it rest for another 10. Serve yum! Again awesome thread.
Oh this evening... Nothing. Just drinks and snacks. Have a good evening all :)
Captain, those rolls would have gone well with our dinner tonight. Pan seared mahi mahi with basil lemon butter, honey roasted carrots, and roasted green beans with kalbi sauce.
i cheat, as an adult i can glaze them as heavily as i want. im too cheap to buy milk but they rock with black coffee.. the dang winter isnt letting up here. bout all a person can do is bake.
im still kickin around the stuffed bell peppers someone mentioned earlier. one of my favorite dishes right there.
Captain, you bake, I make soup when I'm in winter mode. Tonight I tried a recipe I never made before for roasted cauliflower and garlic soup. It turned out really well. The carmelized veggies took on a nice sweetness. No vampires will be visiting here tonight.

The New French Bakery does my (pre) baking here. Put a crusty baguette in the oven to serve with the soup and some sweet cream butter. Comfort food for a cold, cold night.

It's only 9 degrees here on the frozen Niagara River shore, so I am making a vat of Chili with beans. I use a pound of ground ELK which is sweeter and leaner than grocery store beef. Sautee onions and garlic, brown the meat, add a big can of diced tomatoes, a squeeze of Heinz ketchup and a bit of liquid smoke. Simmer 2 hrs, then add two 15oz cans of red kidney beans, and a cup of sweet corn. A side of homemade bread with butter.
I forgot to mention the Chili powder. McCormick's Dark, 2TBSP
I made chili also!
love chili - I use ground moose sometimes. I know glad - ewwwww! lol

last night roast pork tenderloin (marinated first), peas, noodles, cinnamon apple slices, and home made chutney.

windy - roasted cauliflower and garlic soup sounds great. I made a new one which ends up similar to split pea soup, but less carbs. Cauliflower and green beans, onion, garlic and celery seed, water or chicken stock, boiled then pureed, add some chunks of ham.

glad - we never had lefse - but I learned to make all kinds of cookies - brunesnipper, krumkake (the iron got passed around the neighbourhood), sandkake, kransekake, kokosmakroner, fattigmann, berlinerkranser, kringla, sprtiz and wonderful melt in your mouth short breads. We also always made 2 blotkakes on everyone's birthday - one to be served in the morning while the birthday child pretended to be asleep in bed till we woke them up with the cake, presents and singing Happy Birthday, and one for dessert at supper. I have a few old recipes of mother's - take a jug of good milk etc - not our measurements now. We also made our own marzipan. My job was skinning (you couldn't buy them skinned then) and grinding the almonds with one of those old hand grinders you fastened on the edge of the counter. Then I made marzipan candies, fruits etc. and decorated them. You roll them in coloured icing sugar to get the different colours. We did everything from scratch.

G is off again, so probably left over pork roast for me tonight, with spaghetti squash. I don't do well with grains, so stick with meat and veg mostly and a bit of fruit. Gotta keep in shape.

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