What narcissistic personality disorder looks like.

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I was at my 5 year old grandson's soccer game today.

My daughter, who couldn't be there at the start, mentioned that a mutual friend thought that it was so wonderful that I was going.

He shared that HIS mother had NEVER attended any of his 14 year old son's athletic events.

"She says it's not quality time, she doesn't get to talk to him".

This strikes me as the very definition of NPD.

I think this could be useful to other posters.


Glad you enjoyed your grandson's soccer game today.

So sad about this other grandmother not showing up. I guess there could be other factors too, but definitely something to consider.
Some people don't like sports of any kind. I don't think it's narcistic.
JoAnn; I don't like sports. I don't understand soccer.

But my grandson LOVES soccer and so I go to watch him do something that HE loves to do.

Maybe it's not the best example. And I'm not trying to hold myself up as any kind of paragon of grandmotherhood.

But doing what the OTHER person enjoys, at least some of the time, is what life is about, yes?
I get it. My mom would drive an hour to see my son play baseball. My MIL lived not far from wherever he was playing not so much. MIL came the first year or so, but she liked one of the coaches. He was sweet to her so it was great and "look at me I'm here" kind of attitude. When we switched coaches, next year group, she came to the first few games, but no one made much of her, so she decided not to come to any more games. My mom continued to drive for over an hour, for a at most one hour game, for the next three years.
My own mother never went to ANY of my sporting events.  She was a stay-at-home mom, too.  And yes, she has full blown NPD. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). So yeah, it's kind of a good example.

Quote: "She says it's not quality time, she doesn't get to talk to him"."

That's not why she's not going, that's just a convenient excuse.  It's actually because the event isn't centered around her.

For anyone wishing to know more about NPD, Google "Narcissistic Personality Disorder halcyon". Several links will come up; click on any one of them for excellent info.

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