What makes you laugh?

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I can't remember the last time I had a good laugh.


i like jim jeffries stand up comedy on youtube . he says stuff that makes some people cringe . makes me lol .
or , theres a music video by garfunkle and oates called " this party just took a turn for the douche " . those girls are funny . masters of facial expression ..
i like a weird al parody called " i perform this way " also . very well done and funny ..
so far this am , my highlight has been watching a mouse get his head snapped in a trap . he woke me up earlier seemingly bouncing off the walls in the kitchen . i actually saw the trap get him when i went for coffee .
on this hill if something makes a noise i end him ..
Find your favorite comedian on youtube. Better yet, watch with a friend who laughs.
Americas funniest home videos; kids, animals and drunks, just good clean silly fun!
In addition to cwillie's list....my father's companion dog - Honey the Cockapoo. She brings a smile to my face ever day,,,but often some of her playful antics brings a belly laugh (to Papa, too).

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