"What have you done for yourself today?"

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Hi Everyone,
The "MY FAVORITE THINGS" trend on this website demonstrates how positive thinking helps us as caregivers. We do so much for others. What have you done for yourself today? (I am not a wonder woman...sometimes I cry when I don't even
know I am depressed. )
This is what I've done to help me today:

1. Prayed for strength. ..always works-
2. Read my book for a short time before my husband got up-
3. Put on makeup before taking my husband to the doctor-(perked me up)
4. Used Bath and Body lotion-(aromatherapy)
5. Took a short walk in the Mall (It's 95 degrees here)
B GOOD 2 U!!!


Put aside the list of "to do" things, sat down underneath the ceiling fan, put my feet up on a stool, and finished a mystery novel I started a few days ago.

When evening came, I watched the fireflies perform their spontaneously choreographed dances before I closed the curtains for the night.
This morning i counted my many blessings, instead of dwelling on what i cannot change.
This morning i counted my many blessings, instead of dwelling on what i cannot change.
Bringing this up to the top, because Golden always wishes this for us in her recent posts.

Today, I will be happy to just get that shower for the pain relief.
I like that you brought this topic back up, Send. It's a good reminder to do something for ourselves.

I think the thing I'll do for myself today is kind of twofold: I haven't had time to work on the weeding and selling of stuff lately, and it's driving me nuts. It will give me great peace of mind to list all the items in 2 storage totes on Ebay tonight, pack them into shipping boxes and start a stack of things to ship when sold. The peace of mind will extend to the bare space in the living room created by the elimination of 2 storage totes! I know it's not exactly the kind of thing that most folks would consider self-care, but it makes me feel better to get it done!
I love Bath and Body works peppermint scent.. wakes me up ! And I get the great feeling of cleaning out ANYTHING!! Way to go Susan
I decided to take a day off this weekend (a rare thing) and work on organization, purging and getting stuff listed for sale. Hoping I can spend the better part of the day getting all that done and getting the house back in order. That way, I can make a trip to Goodwill to drop things off and pack stuff into the van to go into storage next week when I get a chance to get there.

It will feel so much better in the house to have that done!
im worse than the amish about self sacrifice . to spoil " me " today , i bought a pair of kitchen tongs to rinse my homemade pepperoni sticks with . the goodwill store offers 1/2 off on the first saturday of each month so i paid 37 . 5 cents for them , + the outrageous indiana sales tax of . 07 % .
i feel really guilty about the extravagance .
The cost doesn't matter, Cap - as long as it made you happy.

he he susan.
its fun to see just how tight one can be but then sometimes you have to wonder -- why deprive myself on the behalf of my kids when they are flagrantly flucking themselves ?
dammnt . luxury when my marriage was young was airing up the spare tire so we could go trippin in the country during a snowstorm . we werent suicidal but we wanted a little bit of security .
we walked 12 miles to school each way , each day -- both ways uphill , and GTFO off of MY LAWN ..
he , old man talk ..

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