What are you dreaming about? What positive things are you looking forward too?

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We get so tied up with care giving that we forget to have hopes and dreams; plans for a future. Take a few minutes and dream about something positive in your future or for your future. Share what you can...


My plans for the future is to try real hard to outlive my parents by a couple of days :P
My son and his wife are having a baby - my first grandchild - in a few weeks. I am dreaming about that baby and what he will look like. What a great dad my son is going to be...bought the cutest little shoes the other day...can't wait for them to be filled. What are you dreaming about?
freqflyer - I understand your comments, but what about something - just for you? Dreaming about that shower? That cup of coffee or tea un interupted? Start small and dream something FOR YOU that does not have to do with your parents directly....
Its funny you posed that question and I can't for the life of me think of anything to dream of or look forward to. I'm so used to dreading the future and whats going to happen I guess I forgot to dream. How pathetic I'm I.
I dream of the day my daughter & grandkids can come back down to visit.
I started small....dreaming about a good night's sleep or a great cup of morning coffee very early before my day begins, a good book from the library....Then I have my dreams of going to a baseball game or a day trip...then on more optimistic days I dream about visiting lifelong friends in other states or extended family far away. My dreams go all the way to an exotic vacation and retiring simply but comfortably in a nice place someday. The dreams go big and I may never get to all of this, and sometimes it seems like I never will get to even the local baseball game....but I try to believe that this is a necessary stage of life I must go through right now and power through it day by day and keep sight of some of these dreams though they seem crazy and totally unatainable right now. Am I naive? Maybe, but it helps to hope.
glasshalffull, guess I don't dream of positive thoughts because I don't want to keep getting disappointed :(

Hmmm, good post, glasshalffull!
I dream of getting away on some sort of vacation for an entire work week (hasn't happened in I don't even know how many years). Having a wonderful time, wherever I am, then once I'm back, NOT being faced with an onslaught of work crises, "mom" crises, money crises, and so on. All I'll need to do is unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping, throw out junk mail, and that's IT.
This isn't too much to dream for, is it?
I dream of seeing snow again. And the ocean. And hiking with my dog around lakes and waterfalls. And driving across the country, camping.
I think of little things like going to the store and not feeling rushed, of going for a little walk around the neighborhood. Like CarlaCB, I dream of going to the mountains and hiking around with my dog and of driving around the country like I used to. I try not to think of it often though, because it usually brings me to tears, I miss it so much. Someday maybe.

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