What are social issues facing the elderly?

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give me three examples of social issues .


Here are more than three - I cheated and googled:

Loneliness from losing a spouse and friends

Inability to independently manage regular activities of living

Difficulty coping and accepting physical changes of aging

Frustration with ongoing medical problems and increasing number of medications

Social isolation as adult children are engaged in their own lives

Feeling inadequate from inability to continue to work

Boredom from retirement and lack of routine activities

Financial stresses from the loss of regular income
The biggest social issue which has to face elder is loneliness.
Changed financial circumstances limiting former activities
Loneliness; loss of spouse, parents, friends, cousins, etc.
Limited transportation options

(Are we doing your homework for you, DeeDee?)
Jeanne's inquiry is spot on - this sounds exactly like a question from an exam.
DeeDee, if this is part of some coursework, I congratulate your resourcefulness in locating some people who can answer from up-close observation and/or personal experience. If you were my student I'd be pleased. Don't neglect your text, either, of course.
(1) Loneliness -- In trying to quell their thirst for good company, many elderly fall prey to a much younger crowd. Ex.: a 90 y/o man on SSI & SSD dating a 20-something fetus. Don't tell me that's love. At least not on her part. Which brings me to

(2) Sex -- I can't think of my own mother (early 80s) as a sexual being. Yet she's still breathing and cradle-snatching. ... I sound like an ageist, don't I? Guilty as charged. ... This also brings me to

(3) STIs / STDs -- We might not want to admit it, but many elderly are still getting it on without protection.

I don't know if all this qualifies as the social issues you're looking for, but they're definitely brainteasers.
I wouldn't have thought of STD, Eddie, but apparently it is on the rise in the elderly population -- at least among the baby-boomer generation.

When I think of sex as a problem for us elderlys I think of it as lack-of, not unsafe. :) Not sure if that is a social issue or a personal one.

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