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been reading a fun book online for free . its called " beyond collapse " . the first advice that the author offers is " you dont have to go nuts " . buy a little extra with each grocery visit and increase your storage capabilities . i havent spent much at all and have 70 qts of pears , 80 qts of beets , 60 qts of potatoes / cabbage , canned venison , pork , beef and ham . apples , cherries , pickles , and 2.5 gallon glass barrels of rice , beans , on and on .
what am i preparing for ? whatta ya got ?
its a fun hobby and i cant really go wrong . an illness , injury , natural disaster , or further slump in the economy could turn my silliness into deadly serious business in a matter of hours .
this book is the most riveting thing ive read in years . much of it , hopefully , youll never need , but what if ?
my rainwater collection rig has been working fine for 9 months now and i havent missed the monthly water bill . i hate that sh*t in the mailbox .


It sounds like a plan, Cap. I'm in Brooklyn. I don't think it works do well here, but if i were in burbs or more outer, i'd be doing this.
brooklyn ? you need BULLETS . lol
Captain, 21st century children have no idea how to can food. They never even saw a yeast packet for making bread. I decided to prep by making wine. I have 90 bottles, I think that's what FEMA recommended to have on hand in case of a natural disaster.
hi pam .
i HAD 75 bottles of pear wine , but i haveta admit -- its down to about 25 now . i think im into rice wine next . the pear wine is better at room temp than chilled . ya know you did something right when that happens .
missed ya pam . you use few words but theyre usually pretty rife for thought ..
well I will be all set, can eat my mothers 20 year old food she has been storing
a 60 yr old still tastes good .
juss fn sayin ..
lol I do have a smart aleck remark handy but I wont
please , continue......
Recently retired so have more time to get busy with putting stuff away... on my to do list. No room for a garden but I'm sure I can at least plant tomatoes and such... can't wait for spring !!! Glad you're back Cap.... let the partaaaaa begin !!
ive ran the ' west virginia stupid ' renter off and im getting control of this hilltop . the garage squirrels are expiring in various innovative ways , ditto the garage opossum . the vegetation is pretty peaceful and we get along fine . im still ok with the spiders if they stay the hell out of my lemonaid . the mice are getting snapped right behind the neck on a daily basis .
theres a world war going on here but you have to be an insider to see it .

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