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Well, we did it. We sold the house in CA. It goes into escrow tomorrow. The buyers want a 30 day closing, but realistically, it'll probably be closer to 45 days. They wanted to be in the house by Christmas. Mom was a basket case during the Open House and showing phase. She hated having to leave the house, often on 15 minutes notice. She really didn't do well. Luckily, the house was only on the market for 17 days. She's doing better now.

Now comes the tricky part. Mom & I are going to be heading up to Washington to look for our new home next week. Of course we have to make an offer contingent upon closing the sale of the one in CA, but we're confident that one will go thru. The problem is timing. Lots of people don't want to move around Christmas. Yikes!

Wish us luck!


Congratulations!! May the force be with you! :)

Oh, it's very VERY cold up this way...
Lol. I know. We lived in the Portland area for 25 years. We're moving to Vancouver (no income taxes) so we can be close to family. I have 3 kids and 7 grandkids and my brother and SIL plus his kids and grandkids all in the area. Lots more support. Down here it was just my husband, me and Mom. The cold and wet will be worth it, I think.
Equillot, that is so great that your home sold so quickly.... good job !!! Time for a whole new and exciting chapter in both of your lives. That is great to be closer to family.

Glad to hear that you will be house hunting next week, good time to go. Even around Thanksgiving sellers don't mind buyers seeing their house. At one time I was Realtor and had clients wanting to see houses on Thanksgiving Day.... I had sellers so anxious to sell, they would want to set a place at their dining room table for us :)

Hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Inventory of homes drop drastically around Christmas, they are still for sale but temporarily off the market.... but I find houses look delightful with the holiday decorations.

You'd be surprised about Christmas moves, if the home you find is perfect, a full price offer [as long as the list price was reasonable] bring visions of dollar signs dancing in the seller's head, thus the seller will have no issues wanting to move even on Christmas day :)
freqflyer - oh, I so hope you're right! We had planned on being up in the area over Christmas anyway, because one of Mom's great-grandchildren (my niece's son) who is now 23, is leaving for China for a year, and will be in the area for Christmas visiting family, so she wanted to be sure to see him before he left. Now we may be in our own house instead of staying with family or in a motel, which would be much more comfortable.

We already had the move estimate done (we're having packers do everything), so we won't have to lift a finger except to point. None of us are in any kind of shape to pack or move anything. We just have to tighten up our dates. Right now it should be somewhere around Dec. 15th.
That's my kind of packing!! If/when I ever move again... I will just point!!
That's the way we did it the last time. We still had to unpack, though.
Good luck with your move. I live in Vancouver! Let me know if I can help with anything. Where will you stay while you look? I know of a 4 br with a big yard in Felida that will be available soon.
Thank you annetx! We have family that will put us up for a short time. My brother lives in Vancouver and my daughter in Beaverton and both have guest bedrooms available for us if necessary. We're trying to avoid having to rent a place, as that will involve 2 moves.

We've got a couple houses lined up to look at in Felida - I hear it's a nice area. I'd actually like to be SE - that's where my brother lives, but it seems like all the houses I find that would work out well for us are NW.

Remember to look in the internet on any potential home you might choose. As locals, I know where all the flooding occurs in my drive to/from work or lunch hour. There are some buildings that are flood zones - when the water runs off from the hill down to their parking lot and into the building. Or the roads going to it gets so flooded that your car might stall. I've watched this new building go up and it changed businesses several times in the first couple years it was built. The business owners came and checked out the building during dry season. Found out the hard way how bad the location is - when rainy season came.

I'm glad that you all are moving closer to family. Hopefully they will offer to help you out once in a while so that you can have some me-time.
This is great news, equillot. In a couple of months you'll be settled in with everything behind you.

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