I can't get information about my mom's test because my brother who is her caregiver, didn't put me on the list at the hospital.

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went to see my mother at the hospital,when i asked the nurse about my mother's test,she replyed you are not on the list to have any info about her. My brother has been the care taker of my mother, but with help from my other siblings. Can he prevent me from getting info about my mom 's health or medical test and medications?


If he is also her DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney), he can say who & who doesn't get the information on your mom.

Even though I was Primary Caregiver for my MIL, I didn't have access to what was going on with her, nor did my husband (her only son). I called my DPOA SIL (Durable Power of Attorney Sister-in-law) and let her know that she overlooked it (putting us on the list). She called the NH and had us put on the list and now we can call and get info about her.
It's either an oversight on his part, or he has a reason not to keep you in the loop. If it's the latter reason, then there is a bigger problem going on here, and you'll have to make him explain himself. I'd give him the benefit of a doubt at first by thinking it just slipped his mind to keep you informed of your mother, but if it turns out he did it deliberately he'd better have a REAL good reason....

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