Well this isn't good.

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Today while i was running arends i twisted my ankle and took a tumble looks like i may have broke it i am going to tuff it out till tomorrow and try and get in to the drs office do not want to go to Er i know everyone there worked with them


Oh, no. Ouch! I'm hurting for your here. Hope it is just a sprain. Take care of yourself and get some help in if you need it. It sounds like a great time to pamper yourself.
DeeAnn - RICE! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation!

Trust me, you *need* to do this. I took a bad fall about 8 years ago and sprained my ankle very badly - doc said I would have been better off to have broken it, because it was bad enough to give me trouble for the rest of my life....he's right...it does. I was getting ready to go on a trip when it happened and couldn't stop to do the RICE treatment. I drove for 11 hours with my foot on the floor of the car - boy did I pay for that. Do yourself a favor and take care of that right away.
DeeAnn, oh good heavens, can you go to an Urgent Care office since you prefer not to go to the ER? The quicker you have someone look at your ankle the better.

I read your profile, will this injury make it difficult to care for your Mom? On the other hand, injuries can be a wake up call for whomever we are caring for, that we are human, too.

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