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Or maybe it's just me.... but some people are just plain weird!

Yesterday mom and I drove over to visit with one of my brothers. Had a nice visit. Lovely weather here and the countryside is simply gorgeous. I'm digressing so anywho, on the way home we go through the small town I grew up in. I decided to take a small detour up a hill to the house we used to live in. Drove down past it, commented on how pretty it looked blah blah blah..... saw several deer cross the road and snapped a few pics of them. Turned around headed back up the road and noticed the owners where standing in the yard. I pull up to the fence/gate thing and waved at them. They walk up to the gate, I get out and say my hello's and tell them we lived there 40 years ago, built that barn, dug that well and used to swing in a tire from that giant oak tree. Harmless right?

Well....when we moved from that place my oldest brother bought the place from my dad. So the people who've lived there 20 + years asked if my brother still lived out the highway, I said yes. Harmless right? So.... mom is out chatting away about the nonsensical stuff she always chats about and I explained several times that she had Alzheimer's and was just remembering things the way she remembers. Harmless right?

The people where nice, I said thank you for allowing us to take a trip down memory lane, shook both their hands and again said how lovely the place looked. Get home, send my brother a text saying they remembered him and the hound dogs he had. Brothers says.... hmmmm, long time ago. Harmless right?

30 minutes later I get another text from my brother saying those people came by his house and asked that we NEVER stop by their house again Wtf? Really?? Seriously? It was 40 years ago.... mom and I were just taking in the scenery and laughing at all the antics that went on wayyyy back then.

This kind of stuff makes me just not want to talk to people if not absolutely necessary.


With that oddball reaction from them, I think your brother should tell them the same thing - yikes!!
Geez. Some people need to get a life. I would welcome a visit from someone with a history at the house, especially if they could verify certain details (like what the inside of the house looked like or certain characteristics) - I mean, it's not like you asked to come in and tour the house - you were outside the whole time, right?? Finding out the history of the house they currently live in would be interesting at the very least, I would think!

Some people are truly weird. I mean, I like my privacy as much as the next person, and I'm much more private than my parents ever were - but I'd be happy to chat with someone who has a shared history with the house I'm living in. (On the topic of privacy, I'll have to tell the story sometime of the old man who walked right into the house after I moved in with Mom. Not good. It ended well, but sure didn't start out that way!)
as you know jeanette im on the ribavirin right now, easily agitated to the point of mild phsycosis . i notice things -- things from people that make me a more cautious person . i see my one female friends blitherous ignorance as if spotlights were on it , see my male friend feeding his dogs plates of table food when only a few months ago he admitted to me to shoplifting food for his family . i see parenting that makes you want to throw up . i just see more things . ( heightened senses )
ps. " people " , keep your distance ..
Jeanette they're probably growing pot in the old barn and don't want to get busted!!! LOL

Here we are stuck in our homes care giving thinking we're missing the outside world, when in fact it's not worth missing, especially the people in it...
d*mn , A @ A , quick thinking .
Having PTSD keeps me on high alert, it can be so exhausting sometimes....I just go on sensory overload some days and come home and hide... I do find so many people strange.... but fascinating at the same time.... maybe I was an anthropologist in another life..... but there is so much ugliness in the world nowdays, it just gets to be too much....

So, don't let their paranoia destroy your trip down memory lane.....of course if they didn't meet you at the gate with a shotgun, you had no reason to think you weren't welcome.... I just feel so many people live their lives in fear, so they assume that someones intentions are not just simple communication.....
My soul is weary from people with such toxic energy..... including the ones I caregive for...... just getting to where I come home, and just shut out the world...
Nuts. Luckily they were not nasty while you were there, that could have been even more upsetting.
I would never ask to go inside :0 I thought they were nice... obviously a few of us in that particular group is whacko. I'm voting THEM! Hmmm.... I did mention the barn a few times and it IS very overgrown almost to the point you can't see it.


If it wasn't so bizarre it would be funny. But... I've got bigger fish to fry
another thread says your mom is trippin balls right now jeanette . that probably freaked them out . youre hangin with nutcase and probably getting a little bug eyed too .
She is trippin balls right now. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the Seroquel. Yesterday was a nightmare. From 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. I was consoling her, she was so scared.

Maybe I've become a bit more tolerant of people not in their right mind. Certainly would never ever dream of complaining like they did. If mom wants to go out and enjoy herself.... pppffftttt on the buzzkills

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