Is the weather bothering anyone else this year?

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When I was 18, I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and had surgery on my back. I have always been cautious about weight because 5 lbs can affect me and I always uses proper lifting techniques. Usually, once a year, my back is stiff for a day or two during weather changes in the fall/winter. This last week, the weather changes have made me stiff. I have already had my yearly xray and there is no noticable change. Is the weather bothering anyone else?


My issue is barometric air pressure. I can predict a storm hundreds of miles away :P I tend to get light-headed which makes me not want to do anything.
That would be horrible freqflyer. We are supposed to get about 12 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. I woke up today all congested and since its the time of year I get an ear infection, i just started antibiotics.
Sorry you are not feeling well Tacy. Do you use a heating pad for short periods of time? Heat or ice, or both?
We already have the Santa Ana winds, wrecking havoc with pain, dryness in the air, hot days, but it is so clear and beautiful!

Ff, me too! There is more pain the higher the barometric pressure.
I use biofreeze during the day and a heating pad at night. I have a flexeril 5 muscle relaxer but its too strong so i have to split it. I dont like the morning groggy feeling.

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