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We have a nice porch and I recently did some decorating on the front lawn. I know that he likes to sit outside so I bought some of those citronella things to help fight off the bugs. I sit out there with him, he counts the birds, watches the cars. And it is nice and we sit out there for hours sometimes. It is nice to just get away from the television and just sit and spend time with him. He loves to sit outside with his coke. I make sure he doesn't sit out in 90 degree weather or anything that will hurt him. I do dote over him and do alot for him. He gets out of breath really easy, but getting him out of the house and going somewhere is also good for him and he enjoys it. He loves to watch westerns all day, and that gives me a chance to read my book or whatever I am doing at the time. He finds pleasure in little things and that is good. Oh, and likes to sit in the kitchen table. I have tried to bring him in to the living room, but he wants to stay there and maybe play solitaire after breakfast.


Sounds very calming..hugs..

I love reading the good stories. They are so peaceful. It reminds us that it doesn't have to be so stressful.
Awesome! You are taking excellent care of this man you love. Just being with him is beneficial to both of you!

I think taking care of a spouse is especially hard emotionally. And also we are usually at an age when we have less energy than those taking care of their parents. But we often have our priorities straight from years of living together, and we don't usually have the added stress of caring for a young family or a career. It is nice to sit on the porch together.

Thanks for sharing.

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