Watching a realistic caregiver movie on Netflix.

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I am watching the most realistic movie on Netflix now -- Fred Won't Move Out. It must have been written by us people here on AC. It is definitely written from the view of a caregiver. It is so realistic so far that I am floored. No fluff, just the hard stuff from a couple ... Oops, let me not say too much a spoil it.

I haven't seen the end yet. Wanted to come here first to let people know.


Never mind. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. A vignette in the lives...
I was hoping, maybe we should all get together and write one. The stories we could tell.
Too bad "Let's Throw Mama from the Train" is already taken. :D
Three very good movies in my opinion with a caregiver theme are The Savages with Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amour, a French film. The Savages is a story about a brother and sister trying to deal with their dad's failing memory and their opposing views about how to handle him.

Amour is about a loving husband who's wife has Alzheimers. It's very moving (and pretty sad), but worth watching.

Away From Her is another good one with Julie Christie. It's about a man who has to institutionalize his wife with Alzheimers. She falls in love with another patient and he has to deal with that. I know that most of us living with caregiving may not feel a need to watch a movie about it - we more often want an escape movie, but if you do, these are all good films.
I couldn't find the movies on Netflix streaming, but they are on youtube. I recognized The Savages when I saw the picture. I saw it a little while back. Amour would probably be hard to watch -- I usually avoid Cannes winners. :) Away from Her looks like it might be good. I'm on DSL so I have some trouble streaming youtube, but I'll give it a try when I can set aside a solid block of time.

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