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My dysfunctional family (my twin sister and mom)caring for my Vietnam vet dad. My dad doesn't get to the doctor, doesn't get his meds, hardly eats at all, and he falls often. He is home alone often, and when Sonia home with him, he still feels alone with nobody to talk to. Mobile home is a real sickening mess with dogpoop, every. How can I help? They are also stealing his money! My dad doesn't want to live in a assisted living, nor do I want him to!


Call your local APS and ask them to intervene, based on unsanitary and unhealthy conditions in the living environment. Raise the issue of financial abuse as well; you'll probably be referred to the local police department. Gather all your evidence before you meet with the police; they need documentation in order to pursue a case of financial abuse.
Now I see that you've posted on an old thread, with this message:

"My dad is being cared for by my twin sister and my mom. They are both thieves and drug user. My dad is a VA WW2 . They are taking his money and not taking him to the doctors, when he has been sick., he has barley eaten a sandwich. What can I do to get them kicked out so I can properly care for him and have a place to stay seeing my boyfriend and I are homeless? "

So, is your father really being mistreated or is it that you and your BF are homeless and need to move in with him, ostensibly to care for him?

As I wrote in my first response, you need to have evidence to prove your accusations. The police aren't going to kick someone out b/c you and your BF are homeless. So, gather your documentation to support the allegations and go to the police.

I think you also should be thinking in terms of providing for yourselves and finding your own homes. If your father is ill, he has enough to deal with w/o having 2 homeless people moving in with him.
Colleen's other post is here:

Is your father both a WW2 and a Vietnam vet? If so, he must be around 90 years old now, right?

Is he both a WW2 and Vietnam Vet?
He could well be GA if he had a career that spanned 30 years from 43- 73 he could have served in Korea too
That's what I was thinking; he could have served in more than one conflict. But presumably his daughter would then be about my age - in the 60's or 70's. And she's homeless? If so, there are a lot more problems in this situation than meet the eye.
Assuming she does exist then she could be relatively a lot younger she might not have been born until as late as 1963 especially if he married a second time
Phoenix, that's true. I was thinking of someone born around WWII.
My dad was in World War II, he is 72 and I'm 36. Im going through a nasty divorce(abusive). I left to start over but it's harder then I realized. I will take your advice, I've already started to gather some evidence (papers )I just hope my sister and mom don't read this before I take action. Thanks
Sweetie - if your dad is 72 and served in WW2 then he was the first and only infant to have ever done do. If your trying to scam your way into a housing situation your gonna have to polish your skills up a bit.
Should be "done SO" - guess I need to polish up my typing skills.

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