I want to let all of my friends on here know that I have been waiting for my test result as to whether I had breast cancer.

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Praise God, I am clear. I was so frightened. This is the furthest they have gone with tests on me. All I could think was what would happen to my partner and the HOME HIS FAMILY WOULD SEND HIM TO. Thank God, NO CANCER. I beat it one more time. Rejoice with me and thank God for the Good things that we have happen now and then, With the hard work we do care giving, we don't need any other issues. NOW, back to work....


Thankful prayers are the very best! Rejoicing for you.
I am so glad you got that good news! I rejoice every time someone gets the "all clear".
Big group hug coming your way. ((((Oregongirl))))
That's great news, Oregongirl!
I'm really happy for you that it's negative.{{{HUGS}}}
Getting in on that group hug {{{{{OregonGirl}}}}!
Giving prayerful thanks for your good news! chris

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