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My sister in law got medical and financial POA for my husbands parents when they were both physically disabled with dementia. Dad was in Hospice care, Mom had been in the hospital 3 times and was diagnosed with dementia. She did this secretly, telling them she needed them to sign so she could "pay the bills" After Dad died (Jan 2007)she took Mom to CT where she isolated her. Mom died in April 2009. Mom and Dad had a Trust and pour over wills stating that all of the property was to go to the trust and be divided equally between the two children. My sister in law had drained the bank accounts and CDs to the tune of over 1 million dollars. This was all proven in a civil trial. She has now filed bankruptcy to avoid the judgment. We can only pray that AZ will prosecute her criminally. She has hidden the money somewhere.


I feel for you, prison sounds good ...
I too have seen greed of my sister in law...... except I am the daughter in law and it is the DAUGHTER who stole from her own mother. It is sickening.... I hope the thieves both rot in h***. My mother in law has deteriorated significantly since her daughter did this to her in Dec. What a truly poor example this daughter has been to her own 3 daughters . Seek Justice!
Im in the same place but its my sister who is now saying.she will hurt my children by calling the kids dad and saying things my daughter did in her far past..she's trying to hurt my.daughters custody battle...when all I.asked is why moms account stays overdrawn in the I can't see momma..what's the solution for daughter to have. security.. what's y'all experience
I think the laws need to be tightened up getting POA's, etc., as there is still too much financial abuse of POA's. In addition, I would not be surprised if the above-mentioned people who stole money are narcissists, as one of the symptoms of narcissism is self-entitlement, and although it's hard to believe, some narcissists actually feel they are entitled to other people's money.
Hello, does anyone really think the judicial system, lawyers and the state and county are of any help in cases like this. I, personally think we need to rethink some of the laws. I know there are greedy people out there who think only of themselves, but I'm beginning to think Lawyers are among the worst. they"ll do anything for a buck and not even look at the diagnosis! I'm talking from experience, a lot of money trying to get some lady Off POA, I filed for guardianship, but this has been going on for over a year. Apparently, family members have no rights at all!
I though a splash agent is to do what that person would do with their mom is clear now but sense.she cannot speak she does not get asked or heard..she has all my moms stuff repo'ed or.foreclosed and tried to get us and my uncle to give money when we had hospice and mom was criticle..I noticed a dnr over moms bed..that's how I
found that out..with moms bank always overdrawn seems it would be Lear she mismanaging her money..and..the care giver is working under the table and Smokes pot..I don't like that at all..and she does not know CPR and no medical background at all...its her sister in law..what a mess mom would protect me from harm and I will at least try..I don't get to see her now mom could go I do get to see her by chance..they gossip and lie and call me bad names..I'd be so intimidated to be near them..

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