I have been visiting my Aunt during the summer for years.

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Giving her money for allowing me to visit her in the country. We have been close friends since we were teenagers. Last summer I visited her and she got irritated and said, " I don't need or want anything from anyone." i went and sat outside on her porch, then decided to take a walk down the road. She came flying down the road in her car and said, I'm going to call the sherriff!.I shouted back,"call the sheriff, the army and the marines" and she kept on going. By then I was pissed and went on down the road,After my visit she took me to the station and dropped me off and left me there immediately. I am still angry how she treated me and I will NEVER again call or send a Christmas car with Money, nor ever visit her again!!!


Sounds like you need a little counseling and your add needs to have an evaluation by her physician. Hopefully she has someone nearby that can see to her needs. Her treatment of you probably has nothing to do with you; could well be mental illness or aging. Best of luck!
Redhead, I've noticed you have been taking care of your elderly Dad for many years.... who was taking care of him when you were visiting your Aunt during the summers? Was this Aunt his sister, or your Mom's sister?
Does your aunt have other family? How are they reacting to her? That had to be awful for you.
That sounds like a terrible experience from someone you were close to. I'm sorry that happened. Perhaps your aunt is, too.

Are you close in age? You mention being teenagers when your friendship started.

Why were you paying for your stays before? Did she not also come and visit you? Is her complaint now that she doesn't need you to pay her? Why was she going to call the sheriff? Paying for a stay with a friend or relative is a little unusual. (Taking host out to eat, buying groceries, leaving a gift are more typical guest gestures.) Was Aunt in needy circumstances?

Are other people trying to give her things or to help her in ways that she feels is demeaning and you just happened to be a handy target for her indignation?

I think we need more of the story to be really helpful.

This happened a few months ago, and you are still fuming. And yet you were close to her. Aren't you curious what brought this on, and how she is doing? How about sending her cards without money? Calling her on the phone?

To end a long-standing friendship with a relative over a single incident seems to me extreme. Perhaps, as littletonway suggests, it would be good for you to talk this over with an objective third party, like a therapist.

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