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got the call today, hepc got its head smoked. still 8 weeks of treatment left but this is nothing compared to the beatdowns ive had in the past on failed treatments. I hope to be jamming on the trike at 75 and still making people cringe -- it could happen.
also got my electronic entry key to access ednas apt today. ednas doc ordered the " fob " so im on this care team in a most official , unofficial capacity..
my pc wiped out this evening and all my past product photos were lost in rebooting. meh.. im building more product, screw the past..
after this hepc victory you couldn't excite me with a taser. totally at peace..

thanks to the veterans administration and gilead pharmaceutical..


I thought you meant your computer. Glad you are well and maybe that virus went from you to your PC. Ah, well...
Great news Bob!
pc's are a dime a dozen. two decades added onto ones life is priceless beyond comprehension..
my good friend ludwig was cured of hepc while i was living in NYC. he was a lot like you captain; witty, intelligent, a kind heart and generous soul. the only person who fed me, did my laundry, put a roof over my head, paid all the bills, never complained about it, and never expected anything in return....well, until he met a german bartender in the east village and kicked me out. ah yes, those were the good old days. i'd give just about anything to know then what i do now, i had it made at luddie's, east 56th between lex and third. what an idiot i must have been, and still am in many ways. just got home from visiting my mom at the nut farm. she showed me her preliminary psych report. the most interesting thing on it was the official scale they use to determine how crazy a person is. i estimated where i would be on the scale. like the blind leading the blind around here. i'm happy about your good news. i guess this means you're normal now. how boring. i hope you don't lose your good sense of humor, this website would be pretty dull without you and coyote.
normals a**. I fled the box 30 yrs ago and burned it behind me.
the world needs thinkers , not sheep..
Amen! Only 75 Cap? He**, you'll be leavin' 'em in the dust at 90! Great news, congratulations!!
Good to hear you'll be kicking around for a long time to come!
P.S. I had a false positive on a Hep C test when I donated blood. So I had to have a much more sensitive test which was negative. But I can never donate blood again, which is a bummer, because I'm O neg, the "universal donor". I had gotten two hepatitis vaccine shots as an employee of a hospital and I think that's what triggered my false positive.
I've learned something new from some of your previous post. I wasn't aware that there is a medicine superior to Interferon used for treatment of HepC.
Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your success, Captain!
yea, summer. this stuff has been fastracked and only introduced in 2013. im doing sofosbuvir , simeprevir, and ribavirin. all oral , no interferon. no mental side effects, 12 week treatment.. virus went from 1.5 mil to ZERO in only two weeks.. nothing short of a medical miracle..

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