I went to visit the VA and they were very helpful.

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The lady at the VA was very helpful and answered all of my questions and sent me home with papers and told me how to fill them out and when and how to turn them back in. Papers on aid and attendance for him.


Fingers crossed for you. I heard it can take a while and be very frustrating. The VA can certainly be helpful for people who are patient, though. They do have restrictions on income and where care can be received. I hope you can work those things through. I hope you'll let people here know what you're doing and how things are going. It is nice to learn these things.
I was asking about the aid and attendance he qualifies for even though he was never injured. There is paperwork to fill out, and a waiting period of 30-45 days she said. I am not filling them out just yet, the doctor has to fill out one set. There are three sets. I think his aid only goes to his care.

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