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Maybe this info will be helpful to someone here. I spoke with a veterans advocate today and whether we qualify for aid and attendance or not (it looks like we may, 1100.00 month) there are still some important things they are offering to do for us. They will draft a carer compensation agreement that will protect us in the event a spend down becomes necessary and they are offering to do some kind of transaction that will keep mothers estate completely out of the probate process. I was told this VA benefit takes about 4 months to finalize but if mother dies in under 4 months the application becomes void. A package is being mailed to us with a list of necessary documents and a questionnaire. The 1100.00 a month is meant to compensate me and have enough to hire additional personal care. Hospice is already involved here but that doesn't seem to impact this veterans benefit. Mom owns her home and property, receives about 1400.00 a month and has liquid assets of over 20k. The advocate also said they could help us with financial compliance decisions. (redirecting/shielding assets) . I hope this info is helpful to someone.


That is great! Do you have to have served during wartime to benefit? My Dad was drafted to the Korean War but it was after the war-during peace time-but the draft was still in place. I told him about VA and he said he asked about it but he did not qualify because of this.
somewhere online recently i saw the requirements for a @ a mishka. your dad may have served in the wartime theatre altho not personally seeing combat. i believe the dates were more important than how many north koreans he did or did not bayonette. if i can find the link ill send it to you.
here is the requirement link for whomevers information. there is no mention of bayonettes on these documents.
i was in the coldwar. all we done was smoke hash and drink beer. no a@a for us.
uncle ivan was too drunk to storm the border and we were too stoned to care. we won, now were bein dissed on. ( ungrateful pricks )
My uncle in law-great guy-hugely flawed but lovely heart-was in Vietnam -he drove a supply track -and to hear it they were ALL loaded and stoned. Thnks for the link!!

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