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My mother is 86 years old with dementia and lives with me. She has hallucinations of bugs and is extremely fearful of bugs, lint, dirt, anything that COULD be a bug. I just found a HUGE fake spider in one of my kitchen drawers! It is a drawer I don't use all that often so it could have been there for a week or more. My husband knows nothing about it so it HAD to be someone doing it to scare my mother. But who????? The only people I leave in the house with her unattended is a couple of occasional sitters. The thought that one of my sitters did this to scare my mother makes me sick to my stomach at the very least.


My mother is the same about seeing "bugs". Even when I showed her the clean counter top, then in front of her put some crumbs= BUGS! she cried out.
Linolium floor patterns, any small pattern on material.
Now as far as the fake spider, it is cruel beyond words. All i could think of is to say without accusation that you found it, like look what some kid left here how cruel.
Or somehow monitor the place when you are out.
Thanks Mica it helps to hear that someone else deals with these fears. It is life consuming for me as no matter how hard I try I can not keep my clean spotless to the point that she needs it to be. Thanks for the suggestion I was thinking of doing that - showing it to the sitters without accusation and see if I can get a response from either one that is telling. I am almost 100 percent confident that it was not my one sitter who I have been using for a year but the other one is new and I just do not know. I wish I could come up with another answer for how it got there but despite racking my brains I just can not. Very very cruel and I shudder to think of her reaction had she opened that drawer.
sorry meant can not keep my house clean enough.
Have you spoken with her doctor about her hallucinations ?

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